adam on the desk


                                                 Speaks  Sound Engineer.

Speaks has been active in the live music scene since the mid 80′s as a young lad just out of school. He has played in many bands since then as a bass player and also more recently as an acoustic/electric guitarist. Through his involvement with bands, he caught the recording studio bug and eventually became a studio engineer. As he drifted back towards playing live for a living, he found he had the skills to become a live sound engineer and started working with his studio bands as they performed live around Manchester. It was only a matter of time before Speaks stumbled across the amazing Casino Allstars where he discovered his love of Northern Soul music, and by chance, they needed a sound engineer to help them build their following, as they were playing to bigger and greater audiences. Adam has now become a regular fixture with the band, and hopes to see their success grow, and grow as the band play live more and more.