The Casino Allstars would like to thank everyone who made it down to the two events over the weekend.

First on Friday at The Parafest in Wales, we were held up a tad by the earlier rain fall that had a knock on effect with the bands. We were due on at 10pm which became 12pm, but who cares when your having fun. This gathering of Para Gliders were so lovely and a full campsite all gathered round and drank in the Soul. Lovely gesture by one guy who gave a Twenty pound note towards the Mcr Soul Festival for The Christie on Aug the 27th.  Lovely guy, lovely people, we hope to see you again.

Saturday night at The Venue in Cleveleys was a blinder, full of Northern and Soul fans who just danced all night long. This our second time at the Venue and we will be back next year to see you all again. Lots of photos and videos to upload over the next few days, so keep checking this site.

Cheers PK