To book the Casino Allstars just email me at or phone 0161 494 1705 after 5pm/mobile 07912217510 from 8.30am.

We play at many venues including Large Pubs/Clubs/Corporate events/Festivals/Carnivals etc, all over the UK.

We have various prices depending on travel distance and what option you would require, we can offer three types of soul nights depending on your requirements.

Option One- The Casino Allstars performing two sets  each being 45min or longer with club classic soul music played through our system before/in between & after our sets.

Option Two -  The Casino Allstars performing one large set in-between your own DJ’s/entertainment.

Option Three -  The Casino Allstars performing either the two options above, whilst providing Northern Soul DJ’s to complement the band.

Please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your requirement should you wish for anything other than the above.